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We believe good work should be recognized – especially amongst women in tech, product, impact and innovation. Even today women are under represented in technical fields and this our little contribution globally to change that. Additionally, it’s a great way to gain credibility in the industry and join a network of accomplished women in tech and beyond. Winners will receive a features across Products by Women and all our partner networks and a digital badge that they can apply on their LinkedIn and share via social.
Updated Submission Date: January 8th 2022 @ 6 PM ET! Winner Announcement: Last week of January 2021 via email and on our website and our social channels - so stay tuned!
The winners will be carefully handpicked and chosen by our judging committee who are innovation and product leaders from around the world. JUDGING CRITERIA Judges will score entries for entered category based on the following judging criteria: A) Originality, Creativity & Intent B) Functionality & Technical Qualities (how well does it work?) C) Ease of Use & Adoption (impact on end-user experience) D) Game-changer (potential impact in category and industry) E) Implementation & Performance (go-to-market strategy and entries with track record will be rewarded) F) Potential for Growth (sound business model and market opportunity) A nine-point scale will be used where 1 = Exceptionally Poor (the lowest score), 2 = Poor, 3 = Weak, 4 = Low-Average, 5 = Average, 6 = High-Average, 7 = Strong / Good, 8 = Excellent, 9 = Exceptionally excellent (the highest score) SCORING Scores will be averaged together to determine each entry’s overall score. Judges will receive the top 3-5 contenders in each category and the final scores will remain confidential and release requests will not be entertained. The entry with the highest score per category is the Category Winner. Some judges may abstain from a category if they believe there is a conflict of interest or for any other reason. In which case, some categories may have more scores than others. In any case, the overall score will be averaged.
No, you can apply from anywhere in the world – Products by Women is a global community network for diverse women in tech, innovation and beyond and we want to recognize and celebrate women and their work in tech and beyond.
Women in product management, tech, UX, engineering and impact related start-ups. Take a look at our categories.
We accept the B Impact Assessment.  If the applicant has not taken the B Impact Assessment, a default weighted score will be applied by the judging committee.
For this cycle, we are only accepting small businesses and start-ups in the social impact space.
No, your company does not have to have positive net income or EBITDA to be eligible. It just needs to be creating an impact in the world.
To change or withdraw your entry please email us at info@productsbywomen.com
Yes, most definitely – in fact we believe that you should be your loudest cheerleader and advocate. So, go ahead and nominate yourself, your work or your team - make sure to put down the email of the person you are nominating.
We will be announcing winners in Feb 2022 via email and on our website ProductsbyWomen.com