Meet our Founder: Naimeesha Murthy

Meet our Founder: Naimeesha Murthy

Moving to the US in 2010 during a recession made finding a good job difficult. I took any opportunity I could, including odd jobs, volunteering, and internships. Despite the challenges, I learned something new every day, and each job served as a stepping stone to the next.

Landing a job in the social enterprise sector, with a focus on immigration and ed-tech, was a turning point for me. The mission hit close to home since I was an immigrant myself. As time flew, I found myself immersed in this field for over 7.5 years. Starting as a marketing associate, my curiosity nudged me towards product management. The journey from product marketing to eventually becoming a Product Manager was both challenging and enriching.

During my tenure, I had the privilege of building products that significantly impacted close to 500,000 immigrants. This wasn’t merely a job, but a meaningful voyage that allowed me to contribute in a way that resonated with my own immigrant journey.

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