Our Story

Products by Women is a diverse global community for women in innovation, tech and beyond. The platform offers women the opportunity to connect and learn from peers and mentors from around the world, gain access to skill based jobs and training opportunities to accelerate their career.

“Simply put, if we are building products for the people of the world, the people of the world have to build the products. Technology has to be open-minded and equitable because the future of our very existence depends on it.” Michelle Gbolumah

Products by Women was founded in 2019 and was formerly called New York Women in Product Management (NYWPM). The network has now expanded virtually across US, India, Canada, Singapore, Amsterdam, UK and more… and is now a diverse community where women can connect, innovate, exchange ideas and make some deep friendships along the way.

Today at the one year mark we have 8,000+ members in 70+ countries. So far, Products by Women has partnered with over organization and speakers from Glossier, Forbes, Google, Etsy, Bird, Amazon, Capital One, Audible, Squarespace, Columbia University, OXO, Compass and many more small to medium sized companies and start-ups from all over the world.

Diversity and inclusion in tech and innovation

Our main goal is to build the largest global community for women in tech, product and innovation by bringing together leaders in the field to share their stories, best practices and provide mentorship support, so that women can draw inspiration and successfully build and scale impactful and profitable products.


Our values

  • Strength in diversity and communities
  • Operate with transparency
  • Tech for good
  • Sustainability matters