Who are we

Products by Women, founded in 2019, is dedicated to advancing women in tech. We focus on teaching business, tech, and product skills to help women reach leadership roles, including becoming CEOs. Our mission is to close the tech industry’s gender and pay gaps by providing accessible tech education.

What we do

We empower minority women and support women-led businesses with the right tools for success. By partnering with tech leaders, we create opportunities for women to lead and innovate in tech, working towards a more equal and diverse industry.

Meet our Founder: Naimeesha Murthy

Moving to the US in 2010 during a recession made finding a good job difficult. I took any opportunity I could, including odd jobs, volunteering, and internships. Despite the challenges, I learned something new every day, and each job served as a stepping stone to the next.

Landing a job in the social enterprise sector, with a focus on immigration and ed-tech, was a turning point for me. The mission hit close to home since I was an immigrant myself. As time flew, I found myself immersed in this field for over 7.5 years. Starting as a marketing associate, my curiosity nudged me towards product management. The journey from product marketing to eventually becoming a Product Manager was both challenging and enriching.

During my tenure, I had the privilege of building products that significantly impacted close to 500,000 immigrants. This wasn’t merely a job, but a meaningful voyage that allowed me to contribute in a way that resonated with my own immigrant journey.

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