Tips from a Recruiter: Resumes and Applications and Cover Letters, Oh My!

I’m sure that at some point, you’ve been guilty of looking at people who say, “looking for a job is basically a job!” and rolling your eyes…until you were the one on the prowl. I’m almost convinced that job hunting was designed to take away a piece of your soul. Between the daily monotony of submitting applications (some that basically require you to re-write your whole resume into a 15 page form that looks like it was built in 1995), to the never-ending, gut-wrenching “just following up here” emails you’ve sent to recruiters that have probably ghosted you, it’s super normal to feel like you’re the least qualified person on the planet and to start deeply regretting that Psychology B.A. from NYU. But all hope is not lost! I’m here to tell you that it’s not all terrible, you are a badass and those four years WERE in fact worth it. You just need your sassy little recruitment fairy godmother (me) to sprinkle some of her knowledge dust on you!