Smartcar is just getting started. We’re creating an entirely new market which didn’t previously exist.

What problem is Smartcar solving?

While software has been disrupting every other industry for over a decade, innovation in the mobility space has been surprisingly slow. In the United States, 80% of cars sold feature built-in internet access but the software and APIs that would allow apps to communicate with those cars are still fragmented and proprietary to each car brand.

Smartcar is the first platform to democratize access to those APIs, powering a new community of innovators in the mobility space. Insurance companies use our platform to verify their customers’ mileage and charge them lower rates. Governments explore ways to tax drivers more fairly. Car sharing companies offer contactless rentals with digital keys. EV charging networks build more efficient charging solutions. And utility companies increase green energy usage and prevent power outages. By making it easy for businesses to build and scale a mobility service, Smartcar allows them to focus on what’s important: building the future of mobility.