Learn How Rosa Swaby, Microsoft PM, Wants to Bring Diversity Both in and Outside of the Workplace

When I joined American Express as a front-end engineer after graduation I honestly did not have much experience or context around what a PM did. I came into the role expecting to stay in engineering, and my perspective changed as I started working closely with the PM’s on my team. When I was at Amex I worked with some really amazing product managers and I remember thinking to myself that it was so incredible how much impact they had and how closely they got to work with different aspects of the business such as tech, design, marketing, finance, etc. Having the chance to work with great PM’s definitely inspired me to learn more and it started to make me question what I wanted out of my career. As my interest peaked in product, I started to do coffee chats and meet more PM’s within the org to better understand the role and why they became PM’s and from there is when my path to transitioning kicked off and I knew from there that going into Product Management was going to be a