I have now made it my mission to help job seekers find the job they’ve been yearning for, dreaming of, and crossing their fingers to land.

PBW: Can share your journey into recruiting, tech and talent — how did you get into the field?

June: 2014 was a pivotal year for me personally and professionally. I took some time off from working in corporate America to spend time with my first child and embrace this new experience of motherhood. During this time, I discovered my passion for building teams and communities from volunteering as a Group Leader for a non-profit called No Excuse Mom. With my new baby in tow, I hosted free workouts for Mothers and children at local parks.

The overall mission of NEM: “To motivate moms to make their health a priority. Our goal is to create a connection, friendship, and a sense of belonging in a supportive, encouraging, and uplifting environment. We believe that health starts at home and that to raise a healthy child, we must be healthy parents.”