Founder’s Depression or Founder’s Curse?

Last night, to be very precise, past midnight, over a long long call, someone very wise threw the term ‘Founder’s depression’ at me. I was blissfully unaware of the term but very familiar with living that nightmare for exactly three times now.

My life as a startup CEO has been anything but NOT glamorous on the internet, social media, LinkedIn and on some leading media platforms. As a 3X founder, I had a jet setting lifestyle, the world-class, envy invoking gorgeous apartment, the crown of the CEO, power, authority, media attention, honors and awards. For the longest time, I was the poster girl for topics like ‘women in tech’, ‘women empowerment’, ‘women CEO’, ‘women in power’ and got an opportunity to voice my opinions and thoughts at INSEAD, French Chambers of Commerce and UN Women, to name a few. And all this on the Brink of the ’30s. Sounds so much fun!!!