2021 Global Products by Women Awards Winners

And the Award for the Best ____ Goes To:

Best Product Engineer Award

Ashlea Atigolo


Best Product for Good Award

Lorraine Liang


Best Product Design Award

Marisa Chentakul


Best Product Marketing Award

Cindy Berman


Best Product Debut Award

Yana Welinder


Best Product Manager Award

Lea Caen


Previous Year Winners

Best Product Manager

Tiffany Ng

Best Product Designer

Kathy Cheng

Social Impact

Nikita Shinde

Our Expert Jury

We are experts from different disciplines in product management. Our years of experience bring to the table in-depth knowledge that can objectively select the winners for the awards.

Rebekah Bastian

CEO and Co-Founder at OwnTrail, Author of Blaze Your Own Trail, Forbes Contributor

Sonny Patel

SVP, Product & Engineering @ LivePerson

Emma Schwartz

Founder of New Product Experimentation at Meta

Ankita Vashistha

Founder, Saha Fund and StrongHer Capital

JJ Rorie

Product Management Executive | Speaker | Podcast Host | Motivational Trainer | Business Leader

Arjita Sethi

Founder at Equally | New Founder School

Ebony Shears

Vice President of Product at Forbes

Gloria Chou

Award-winning PR expert

January Barnes

Tech Reporter and Founder, Podcaster

Grace Ling

Product Designer at Electronic Arts, Founder of Design Buddies, Artist

Naimeesha Murthy

Founder at Products by Women & Full Ritúal | Product Leader

Shruti Page

Director of Product Design at Meta

Community Partners