First Global Products by Women Awards Winners

And the Award for the Best ____ Goes To:

Successfully launched a stellar product from concept to completion in 2020.

Best Product Manager

Tiffany Ng

A Product Manager with 4 years of working experience in the tech industry, Tiffany Ng was the launcher of the Consumer Chromebook business at Lenovo and helped propel the company's market share from almost zero to 20% in 2 years' time to become one of the top 3 Chromebook players globally. Her team has won 7 IFA awards at the IFA launch in 2018 and since then, achieved aspirational shipment targets and market share targets. Tiffany was one of the founding members of the highly competitive Lenovo Global Future Leaders program. She is currently working as a Country Product Manager for Shopee, an eCommerce company based in Singapore.


Honorary mentions: Samantha Saunders, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Shambhavi Pandey, Upasna Gautam, CNN

Designed, built, tested and developed a functioning product in 2020

Best Product Engineer

Madeline Harlow

Madeline Harlow thought she would be a doctor but quickly realized she didn't have the stomach for it. Instead she decided to create tools that help doctors (and healthcare in general) become more successful. Her goal is to have a hands on contribution to the devices and education used everyday to help people live healthy lives. Now she is a Product Manager at VirtaMed in the field of online medical simulation. Before that, she gained 5 years' of experience as a hardware engineer, developing a knack for transferral of motor skills that is risk free to patients. At her core she is a biomedical engineer passionate about medical imaging, biomedical sensors, and teaching. Outside the development office you can find her playing volleyball, traveling, or referencing unprompted TV and movie quotes.


Honorary mentions: Ashlea Atigolo, INATIGO, Regine Chan, Aelixir Singapore

Meticulously planned, executed, monitored, and delivered a product in 2020

Best Project Manager

Ruchika Israni

Ruchika currently works as a Project Manager in Deloitte Canada. She is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master and has led a variety of successful IT projects. She has over 12 years of experience including project management, product management, data science, IT service management (ITSM), customer success management, software development while working in the US and Canada. She holds an M.S. degree in Information Management from Syracuse University. She is proud to be a part of such a diverse and supportive community like PBW.


Designed the best product in 2020

Best Product Designer

Kathy Cheng

Kathy Cheng is currently a Senior Product Manager at Exygy, a digital agency that partners with social impact organizations to design and build technology that improves lives. She leads product development for the affordable housing platform Bloom in addition to other client work which includes the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Prior to Exygy, she has experience in both early stage high growth startups and product studio models in industries including digital health, e-commerce, education and cancer research. As a product manager, Kathy is passionate about building thoughtful and empathetic products and the dynamic collaboration environments necessary for them to succeed. Her dedication to social impact was inspired by her joint degree in Economics and Urban Planning at MIT, and the Venture for America fellowship program.


Carefully connected the dots between the product and the customers in 2020

Best Product Marketer

Bhavna Batra Sehgal

Bhavna Batra Sehgal currently leads Trust & Compliance Product Marketing for Google Cloud. In her 10+ year career, Bhavna has built deep expertise in the data privacy and compliance space, which has allowed her to help drive the creation of products, services, and marketing campaigns that balance solving customer pain points with security and privacy considerations. Bhavna’s product launches have been featured in media outlets including Bloomberg, Forbes, and Protocol, and she has been recognized for her work with various awards. Bhavna holds a B.S. in Print Journalism from the University of Maryland and a M.S. in Strategic Communication from Columbia University. As a womxn of color and first-generation immigrant, Bhavna is extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion, and champions the empowerment of junior professionals, career changers, and minority communities. As a passion project, Bhavna works as a career coach through her company Unmapped Journey, with the goal to help individuals make their dreams a reality.


Most promising product of 2020

Best Product Debut

Regine Chan

Regine Chan is the Co-Founder of Aelixir, a Singapore-based enterprise technology startup which helps companies aggregate data into simple 3D visualizations via advanced analytics and AI/ML applications. Aelixir has won accolades in multiple technology competitions including the Best Pitch Award for NUS Innovation Hackathon, Grand Winner of Spark Tank, Startup Cohort of 2019, and Finalist of Get In The Ring Singapore, been featured on various other media outlets, and calls various F500s its clients. She is also currently working as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company. Regine is extremely passionate about the local start-up and entrepreneurship ecosystem, video game design, and fixing problems, such as social inequalities related to income, gender and race.


Honorary mentions: Nishtha Dalal, Funded App, Zainab Lateefi, Lifesaver

Created a positive impact on the world in some capacity in 2020

Social Impact

Nikita Shinde

Nikita Shinde Dang is an Associate Vice President of Products at Magic EdTech who led MagicBox's end-to-end product life cycle right from inception to serving over 5M users to being awarded IMS Global Learning Impact Gold, Brandon, Apex and being listed as top EdTech Product 2020 by District Administration. Motherhood, music, travelling and DIY crafts are her other facets.


Honorary mentions: Ashlea Atigolo, INATIGO, Nicole Lipkin, HeyKiddo, Sade Ayinde, Kidhance, Shiti Rastogi, Breathe Happy (NATLABS LTD), Caroline Friedman, Scenesaver

Worked closely with the engineers to determine the “how” for every feature of the product and made the product full proof in 2020

Best Business Analyst

Keerthna Murugananda Pandi

Keerthna Murugananda Pandi is currently a Business Analyst at Intelliswift, a global software solutions and services company, and stands at the forefront of the rapidly growing technology industry, the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). She spent the last five years working in cross verticals and systematically collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders, eliciting information, decomposing information into details and helping the organization achieve its strategic goals. She methodically juggles multiple activities and refines her analysis skills simultaneously. Recently, she was awarded for her excellence in providing the best customer service for a recent engagement with a giant fortune 500 luxury-cruise company based in the US. Congratulations to all the winners! To those who are new to the community and to those who missed the deadline to apply for the Products By Women 2020 Awards, we are committed to celebrating your accomplishments and we will be hosting Products By Women 2021 Awards as well. Stay tuned but until then, continue leaving your mark in tech!


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Congratulations to all the winners! To those who are new to the community and to those who missed the deadline to apply for the Products By Women 2020 Awards, we are committed to celebrating your accomplishments and we will be hosting Products By Women 2021 Awards as well. Stay tuned but until then, continue leaving your mark in tech!